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Complete List of Works

Vocal Works


Kalb Songs, for mezzo-soprano, violin, and piano

"As Bell Tones Fade"

"Prayer to be More Like Water"


Frost Songs for Soprano and piano


"Wind and Window Flower"

Choral Works


Fugue with Robin and Dogwood for SSAATTBB 


Gratias ego for SATB


The Last Lone Aster for SATB


A la Noche for solo soprano, SA chorus, percussion, harp, and cello

Through the Cumberland for SSAATTBB

Nightscape for SSAATTBB

Orchestal Works


Chickasaw Cobb for orchestra


Marfa Lights for orchestra


Symphonic Revelations for orchestra


Utro for orchestra

Solo Works


Carnivale for solo organ

An American Impression No. 2 for solo flute or saxophone


Five Viniettes for piano


Into My Own for solo cello


Sfogato for solo flute


Six Pieces for piano

String Orchestral Works


An American Impression for string orchestra


Thin Mint March for string orchestra

Chamber Works


Bottled Reveries for oboe, clarinet, horn, percussion, piano, and cello

"False Dawn"

"Yellow Jackets"

"Harvest Prayer"


Romance for two violins and viola

Brass Quintet No. 1


Calypso’s Excursion for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, and piano


Celestial Horizons for two violins and viola


Chimes Street Broil for flute, viola, percussion, and piano


Collage for oboe, clarinet, horn, cello percussion, and piano


Dusk in the Woods for woodwind quintet


In the Continuum for viola, double bass, and harp


Jazz-Tango for violin, double bass, and piano


Sonatina for violin and piano


String Quartet No. 1

Digital Media




His Valentine Carnation


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